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Advanced Mobile Paint Repairs also offers a high-quality polishing and buffing service. Below are some of the common questions asked by our customers.

Why would I want to get my car polished?

The Australian climate is extremely harsh on a car’s paint, including fading from the sun’s UV rays, staining from bird waste, tree sap, and touch to remove road grime and tar.

Polishing removes fine scratches caused by day-to-day use, and provide a level of protection against further damage, adding value to your investment.

If your car is polished and maintained on a regular basis, your car will continue to look good even after 10-15 years.

After your car has been polished Advanced Mobile Paint Repairs recommends the use of our G-techniq paint protection that actually becomes part of your car’s surface – which means you won’t need another polish for 3 years.

How long does car polishing take?

Porsche Car Paint Protection Sydney Mobile Paint RepairFor a high quality finish it takes a minimum of 3 hours for a medium sized car. Many companies will ask you to leave the car for the day, but will only spend about an hour. As Advanced Mobile Paint Repairs comes to your location, you’ll see the care and effort goes into making your car look like new.

What’s the polishing involve?

We use industry-standard cleaners to remove stains, tar and road grime. A special clay is then used to remove small particles imbedded in the paint. Using a machine buff and a high-quality medium compound polish removes small scratches and restores colour. This is followed with a second machine-buff using a fine grade polish. The whole process is finished off by hand applying long-lasting paint protection.

What is car paint protection?

For outstanding paint protection for your car we use state of the art, G-techniq car paint protection technology. It’s so good, that you will not need to polish your car for another 3 years.

G-techniq protects your car against the damaging effects of the sun’s UV rays, bird droppings, road grime and other damaging contaminants. When it is applied, it actually becomes part of your car’s surface. In fact, the paint protection provides a 40% more gloss than that of a new car.

G-techniq protection enables dirt to be removed easily with a simple wash which leaves your car looking like new. It also comes with a 3 YEAR manufacturer’s guarantee!

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